Under the overall policy of the CBCI Society for Medical Education, the objectives of the Institution are grouped as follows:

  1. Excellence in all fields of health care education.
  2. Adequate Christian formation of the students.
  3. Upholding respect for life, from the moment of conception to its natural end.
  4. A genuine feeling of compassion for the patients and their families as persons.
  5. A special thrust to Community Health fostering the dimensions of participatory team work.
  6. Serving the health needs of medically underserved areas of our country and our medically underprivileged brethren.
  7. Acquiring the ability to research, and application of the advances in scientific knowledge to the relevant fields of work.
  8. Striving towards promoting holistic health.
  9. Acquiring an exemplary steadfastness to principles and moral values so as to witness to a life of honesty and integrity.

Right from its inception St. John’s set before it an ideal of excellence in academic courses as well as service to society, as a result of which it has truly become holistic both in its outlook and in its approach to the problems of community health.

This Institution of Health and Healing envisages also the training and participation of the community (including dwellers in the rural people and the slum dwellers) in health care in its preventive, promotive and rehabilitative aspects.

The Institution expects its students to uphold the ethical values and principles of morality as interpreted by the Catholic Church. The prospective student has the freedom to choose or reject these, but the choice is made before enrollment.

The Institution prepares students for the role of future leaders, loyal to the highest ideals of the health profession. Today’s Doctors, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals are part of a team who deliver comprehensive health care.

Often they are called to be leaders in society helping in all developmental activities. Health is both a means and an end of development, improving the quality of life. The students in medical and health care sciences, therefore, should be conscious of social, economic and other factors, the improvement of which will bring about the necessary transformation to make it possible for all in this country and in the world to lead a healthy human existence.

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