Course Fees


Fee Chart - P.G. Degree/Diploma - 2017
Fee at Admission Amount (Rs.)
Admission Fee 10,000.00
Identity Card 200.00
Graduation fee 2,500.00
Alumni Association Membership 2,000.00
Staff Benefit Fund 2,000.00
University Exam Expenditure 3,000.00
Refundable Deposits  
Caution Deposit 10,000.00
Laboratory Deposit 3,000.00
Library Deposit 3,000.00
Term Fee Amount (Rs.)
Tuition Fee Per Term  
PG Degree -Clinical Subject 3,00,000.00
PG Degree - Para Clinical (Community Medicine) 2,62,500.00
PG Degree - Para Clinical (Pathology,Pharmacology Forensic Medicine) 2,50,000.00
PG Degree - Para Clinical(Microbiology) 1,62,500.00
PG Degree - Pre Clinical Subject 1,62,500.00
PG Diploma - Clinical Subject 1,62,500.00
PG Diploma - Para Clinical (Pathology) 1,62,500.00
Library Fee
College Day
Students Health Scheme 1,500.00
Recreation Room 100.00
Sports Fee 200.00
Value Educational Activities (Catholics Only) 150.00
Regn. Recgn Charges to Public Bodies 3,500.00
(For Clinical and Para Clinical Subjects only)
MCI Inspection Charges 3,500.00
(For Clinical and Para Clinical Subjects only)
Wifi Connection 1,000.00
Students Welfare fee (Hostelite) 2,000.00
Students' Association  
a) Students' Association Subscription 175.00
b) Fellowship Dinner (Except Last Term) 250.00
c) Magazine Fee 100.00
d) Inter Medical Sports (2nd Term Onwards) 150.00
e) Cultural Fee 100.00
R.G.U. Admission Fee:  
a) Indian 500.00
b) NRI / SAARC National 3,000.00
c) Foreign National Other than SAARC $150.00
R.G.U. Registration Fee:  
a) Indian 3,000.00
b) NRI / SAARC National 5,000.00
c) Foreign National Other than SAARC $150.00
R.G.U. Eligibility Fee:  
a) Indian 3,000.00
b) NRI / SAARC National 10,000.00
c) Foreign National Other than SAARC $600.00
R.G.U Additional Exam Fee 3000.00
R.G.U Sports Fee(in lumpsum)
PG Degree (200 x 3) 600.00
PG Diploma (200 x 2) 400.00
R.G.U Students Welfare Fund (in lumpsum)
PG Degree (100 x 3) 300.00
PG Diploma (100 x 2) 200.00
R.G.U Helinet Fee (in lumpsum)
PG Degree (2000 x 3) 6,000.00
PG Diploma (2000 x 2) 4,000.00
RGU Helinet Registration fee 100.00
Teachers' Day Flag (per annum) 45.00
N.B.: All the aboves fees are subject to revision from time to time


  1. A student who discontinues the course after admission but before the commencement of the course, will not be entitled to refund of the fees paid and deposits made to the Institution unless the seat that has fallen vacant due to the discontinuation, is filled up by another candidate. In such a case, an amount equal to 10% of the total fees payable will be deducted as service charges.
  2. If a student discontinues the course during the course period in order to join another subject elsewhere or for any other reason, he/she will have to refund the entire stipend paid by the Institution up to the time of discontinuing and further will pay the fees for the remaining period of the course to the Institution, and shall also forfeit all the deposits and other fees paid to the Institution.
  3. The students are required to pay the prescribed fees once in every six months i.e. in the months of July and January, of each academic year. There will be a total of SIX installments for Degree Course and FOUR installments for Diploma Course.
  4. All the students are instructed to make payments of the entire term fees in one installment to St. John's Medical College Accounts section and no part payment will be accepted. The prescribed fees should be paid within one month of the commencement of each term. Late payments will attract a penalty of Rs. 50/- per day which will have to be paid along with the fee.
  5. Examination fees as prescribed by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and other fees, if any, will be notified at the time of admission or at the appropriate time.
  6. All candidates have to pay a caution deposit of Rs. 10,000/-, Library deposit of Rs. 3,000/- and laboratory deposit of Rs. 3,000/- at the time of Admission. These amounts will be refunded, after deduction of dues, if any, when the student leaves the Institution on completion of the Course.
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